I'm eGeoffrey, your e-butler

'Sir, Madam, do you require anything of me?' eGeoffrey is a new concept which brings many ideas into one single place; eGeoffrey does some home automation, it keeps you updated on what's going on at home, it alerts you on events, helps you to organize your home duties, you can easily interact with it, ... and, what's even better, it can adquire new skills over time.

eGeoffrey is an open source, flexible and extensible framework, which can be used in many ways to fit more demanding people on earth's needs. It can live with you at home (no extra room needed though), or you can get its services straight from "the cloud", wherever this thing is.

Some of its skills

Not limited to, eGeoffrey's skills can be categorized among the following areas:

  • Real-time home monitoring which provides information such as temperature, power consumption, images taken from home, etcetera.
  • Analytical brain which remembers all the real-time information produced and provides some insights of them over time. eGeoffrey can proactively send you emails with these insights on a daily basis to keep you up to date conveniently.
  • Survelliance and preventive spirit by alerting you on events such as those when temperature threslhod's limits are surpassed and some negative consequences might happen.
  • Commited to your command by the use of its different user interfaces; you can also text eGeoffrey from your instant messaging platform of choice such as Slack, Telegram and many others.
  • Open to the world as eGeoffrey is also able to contextualize home-generated information with external one provided by thrid-party providers such as weather services for weather forecasting.

Is this not enough for you? No worries, the best skill eGeoffrey already has is the ability to learn new skills. Said this, eGeoffrey skills' are endless and, whatever skills you have in mind, eGeoffrey will learn them and will use them to satisfy your needs with its best smile.

User documentation portal

This documentation portal is aimed at people who want to have its own eGeoffrey at home with its default skills. If you're thinking of teaching eGeoffrey new skills, you better visit eGeoffrey's training portal.

The portal is organized in the following sections:

  • Say hi to him.- this is the starting point for those who want to give it a try; here, eGeoffrey will tell you everything you need in order to create a proper environment for it to deliver its very basic skill set.
  • What is it made of?.- you'll make the most of eGeoffrey if you know how to call its different components and how they're organized; all this is presented in this section and it'll give you the foundation to move forward with eGeoffrey.
  • Understand it.- once you get the basics, you are ready to learn advanced features to take eGeoffrey to the next level; you'll learn how to customize, extend and adapt eGeoffrey to your needs. Don't feel bad about eGeoffrey, it is here to help you and it's more than happy to do so.
  • Use it.- eGeoffrey can do everything for you, but you need to tell it what that is; in this section we share common scenarios where eGeoffrey is helping out other human beings. If you don't find a scenario similar to the one you have in mind, visit the eGeoffrey's community and ask for it, it's very likely someone else has already done it.