Hi eGeoffrey, please come on in

Even though eGeoffrey is going to make a lot of things for you, you need to setup its accommodation; it'll take a while, and the effort you have to make will depend upon the services you want eGeoffrey to offer you, but the process is as easy as:

  1. Open a door to enter eGeoffrey's accommodation; the steps to open a door, commonly called open remote access, to enter eGeoffrey's accommodation (aka Raspberry/Orange Pi) are described at SSH (Secure Shell).

  2. Bring furnitures and groceries eGeoffrey likes the most to its new accommodation. Don't worry, these furnitures and groceries are just bits and bytes that you can get remotely for free; remember that eGeoffrey is an electronic butler and it likes this kind of things.

    In order to bring all this stuff together, go into the eGeoffrey's accommodation securely (SSH connection to cross that door) and tell the magic words (you better copy and paste the following line :) ):

    sudo bash -c "$(curl -ssL https://get.egeoffrey.com)"
  1. Let the workers do the setup, but tell them one thing or two to leave the accommodation the way you like for eGeoffrey. They will ask you the following:

    • Where do you want to install eGeoffrey?, meaning where to leave all those furnitures and groceries for eGeoffrey; /opt/egeoffrey can be a nice place.

    The following video shows you how the workers, also called installer, do their job and the questions they will ask you:

    eGeoffrey installation process

Once the installation is finished, it could take a while before eGeoffrey fully comes to life. Run the following to ensure every component is reported in a status of "Up" before connecting to the web interface:

sudo egeoffrey-cli house status

Once the workers are done, eGeoffrey is ready to enjoy its new accommodation:

eGeoffrey installation process

You can now access the web interface and finalize the installation.