Installation troubleshooting

What is something went wrong and you don't see eGeoffrey coming to life? Here are some basic steps you can take to understand what has happened.

I cannot access the web interface after the installation

  • Ensure the system where eGeoffrey has been installed is reachable (e.g. you can ping it)
  • Ensure your browser is pointing to the right IP address (the one reported by the installation process is not necessarily the right one)
  • Ensure there is no firewall running (iptables -L should have not DROP/DENY lines)
  • Ensure all eGeoffrey's components are correctly running by executing egeoffrey-cli house status from within the directory where eGeoffrey has been installed. Ensure all of them are in a "Up" status.
  • Check if the GUI service is accessible by running netstat -tunap |grep 80, you should see the port open and something listening on it (ensure you are not running other processes using port 80).
  • Have a look at the logs. Those are in data/egeoffrey/logs/egeoffrey.log. If the file is empty, you can run egeoffrey-cli house logs to see live logs from the different components.
  • If a specific service only is not in a "Up" status (e.g. "Restarting"), have a look at the logs of the specific component with e.g. egeoffrey-cli house logs egeoffrey-gateway

The installation is taking too long

  • The installation can take a while while several software packages have been downloaded and installed
  • The installer logs everything into /tmp/egeoffrey-installer.log, feel free to open a different session and monitor the file

The installation did not succeed