Where will eGeoffrey stay?

'Sir, madam, in this section I'll tell you everything you need to know to take advantage of my services as soon as possible'. First choice you have to make is where eGeoffrey is going to live; it can live in the cloud or in your house, follow the appropriate section according to your needs.

Even though this guide will try to be as simple as possible, some technical terms will be used. If you don't find those terms familiar, feel free to stop by our community and ask others; eGeoffrey's community is one of the most friendly communities out there, as we all are into butler education and standards.

eGeoffrey in your house

Yes, eGeoffrey can be with you at home but, good news, you don't have to get an extra room for it because it likes to live in computers; at the end of the day, eGeoffrey is an electronic butler, therefore it leaves inside a computer. You will know eGeoffrey better over time, and will realize it is not very showy but humble most of the time, so it will manage to live in a small and cheap computer such as a Raspberry/Orange Pi.

Buying a computer might be a tough task if you're not an expert but, as we've said many times, eGeoffrey is here to make your life easier and not to make it more difficult.

The easiest and most convenient way to let eGeoffrey be with you in your house is by purchasing a mini personal computer such as a Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi, running the default Raspbian operating system. Both options are cheap; they're worth less than 100$/€, are small and they consume very little power, which makes them ideal to have eGeoffrey on duty all the time. However, that means eGeoffrey will never sleep so, don't complain if you find eGeoffrey lazier than usual at some point.

Other options

Are you an experimented computer user? You might want to evaluate some other options. eGeoffrey runs on any ARM and x64 processors based computers, compatible with Docker and running a Linux operating system.